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Bolo Ties

If you select Order Type: In Stock, please select Size, Primary and Accent Colors. In Stock items will be made to your specifications and shipped upon completion.

If you select Order Type: Custom - this means you are supplying hair from your own horse(s), there is a Hair Prep Fee of $25.00.
These attractive bolo ties are an easy way to dress up a shirt or blouse - worn by both men and women. Square braid with half-hitched sliding ring knot for easy adjustment, and completed with two tassels. Overall length approximately 34". Can be ordered in standard tassel or linked-tassel style.

Available natural colors: White, Black, Brown.
Accent colors: Red,
Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Burgundy.

Whenever possible, for the metal slider, I use a "vintage" slider. These sliders are gathered whenever I am fortunate to find them - flea markets, auctions, etc. - each slider is different/unique. If no vintage sliders are available, I will use a more modern slider. Custom orders where you provide the hair and/or slider are welcome.

In Stock Bolo Ties are available and are shown with a number and description. These Bolo Ties can be ordered by contacting me - just provide the number.
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