About Donna Murray

Custom Horse Hair Hitching and Wool Product Creations

I was raised on a mixed (cattle & grain) farm in Southeast Saskatchewan near the village of Gainsborough. Horses became a passion early in life, and I was fortunate to participate in 4-H, rodeos, gymkhanas, trail rides and wagon trains.

My first job was at Stampede Race Track in Calgary, AB - living in a tack room at the end of the stall row. From there I went to a Quarter Horse breeding/showing operation, until finding my niche at Gladstone Mountain Guest Ranch, Pincher Creek, AB. I spent the next nine years working as Wrangler, Packer, Hunting Guide, Jack-of-all-Trades, in addition to caring for forty head of horses.

I spent the winter of 1982/83 attending Olds College, Olds, AB, successfully completing the Farrier Science Program. The following years passed with me spending spring, summer and fall at Gladstone Ranch working with the horses and guests, and winters spent in Sask/Manitoba starting young horses. I was able to use my farrier skills year-round wherever I was living.

In 1989, I experienced a life-changing event. No longer physically able to continue my former lifestyle, I searched for another way to maintain my connection to horses and their people. I had always admired horsehair work, but had previously not had the time to pursue it. Armed with my horse knowledge, a video, books and determination, I became a self-taught Horsehair Artist. Much experience was gained through trial and error, plus some valuable mentoring from Shoni & Ron Maulding. Shoni and Ron are the authors of the books - Hitched Horsehair: The Complete Guide for Self Learning and Hitched Horsehair II. They have taken the art of hitching to a very high standard, and create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  For anyone interested in learning the art of Horsehair Hitching, these books are a must have.  To order the books and view their beautiful work, please visit their website at www.hitchedhorsehair.com

Over time, my work has evolved, and continues to evolve, to where I am confident and proud to be able to offer my services to you. As a horseperson, I understand the deep bond we have with our horses, and I am so pleased to be able to share that with my customers, by creating for them, special mementos of their horses. I am also fortunate to live in an area of Southern Alberta that is rich with many talented artisans, and I have often collaborated with leather workers, silversmiths, picture framers and others to complete unique items.