Hi Donna;  Thank you so much for always taking such good care of our horses's keepsakes.  You are always so thoughtful and thorough.  Hope your business continues to thrive and grow.

Thank you for making our treasured memories of our horses.

Kris J. of Buckeye, AZ on March 12, 2019.  Kris sent me hair from their horse, Buddy to make Memorial pieces.  This is the third time I have created Memorial pieces for Kris.


Hey Donna!  Just went to the mailbox.  IT'S HERERRERERERE!!!!  It is exquisite!!  I just love it.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to wear it!  Wishing much success and I can't wait to get more stuff.  LOL.

Sandra D. of Wisconsin Rapids, WI on January 19, 2019.  Sandra works at Ho-Chunk Gaming Nekoosa.  She ordered a black/white braided horsehair lanyard to wear at work.  


Hello Donna; Your hatbands arrived today.  Wow......they are spectacular!  Donna, you have turned my Stetsons into poetry.  I'm anxious to don one of these Stetsons and stroll casually through the downtown district where it'll be sure to get noticed.  Many Thanks for your artistry!

Michal Van Plumacher of String Mills, PA on January 9, 2019.  Michal ordered two round hitched horsehair hatbands for his Stetsons - one in a spiral pattern and one with a diamond pattern.


Happy New Year, Donna!  I can't thank you enough for all your help, advice and creative input to make a keepsake for my son.  He was truly surprised and grateful.  It looks great!

Best, Rachel W of Maryland Equine Center, Upperco, MD on December 30, 2018.  Rachel sent me hair from her son's horse, Annie.  I collaborated with Kerry Hart of Ancho K Creations, Handmade Jewelry to create a resin pendant enclosing Annie's hair, finished with a handcrafted silver wire bail.


Donna is amazing to work with and does amazing work!  This past Spring my husband lost a very special Heel horse to a broken leg, and to celebrate his life I decided to have a custom horsehair belt made.  Being from the USA, I looked here first, but with no luck I found Donna, and am forever grateful that I did.  My husband's belt arrived yesterday on Christmas Eve and we could not be happier.  It turned out awesome!  I couldn't recommend Donna more - you will not be diappointed for any of your horsehair needs.

Melissa N. of Los Lunas, NM on December 25, 2018.  Melissa sent me hair from her husband, Eddie's horse, JIFE to create a Custom Made/Designed Hitched Horsehair Belt with stamped leather billets.  


Greetings Donna;  I have recieved the exquisite, handmade Stampede String from Burton!  Perfect craftswomanship!  Lovely and Sarah's extra hair - Oh My!  I'll be posting photos and a story including your business on my website.  Thank You.

Bernice Ende - Lady Long Rider.  December 7, 2018.  Bernice's friend, Burton, sent me hair from Bernice's horse, Sarah to make her a Full-loop Stampede String.  Please visit Bernice's website/blog to learn about her adventures riding horseback across the United States. 


Donna; I can't express how grateful I am for your work on the hatband from Baby.  I gave the band to Shawn with a picture of him and Baby on a packing trip - he was speechless.  He sat for a very long time and held the band, admiring the beauty of it.  Thank you again.

Verdema G. of Greely, CO.  November 6, 2018.  Verdema sent me the hair from her husband's horse, Baby to make him an Old West style hatband.


Oh my gosh!!!!!! Thank you so very much! You are a true artist, Donna! The hatband is BEAUTIFUL!! I guess you can tell that I received the package in the mal today???  Honestly, I am amazed and so pleased with the quality of the hatband.  I really appreciate the quality of your artistry.  As well, thank you for the Zipper Pull.  I am going to be so pleased to put it in my husband's stocking this Christmas.  Talking about Christmas, I don't know how I am going to wait until Christmas to give it to him....but I will.  Thank you again!

Tara H. of Cochrane, AB. November 1, 2018.  Tara sent me hair from two of her husband's horses - Red & Brandy - to make him a braided, double tassel hatband. 


Donna, I can't express how grateful I am for your work on the hatband from Baby.  I gave the band to Shawn with a picture of him and Baby on a pack trip - he was speechless!  He sat for a very long time and held the band, admiring the beauty of it.  Than you again.

Second message from Vermeda after she had given the hatband to her husband, Shawn.

Donna, Thank you with all of my heart.  The hatband arrived in the the mail and it is "WOW"!!  Beautiful! Thank you so much for your blessing of love.

Vermeda G. of Greely, CO.  November 1, 2018. Vermeda sent me hair from her husband's horse, Baby, to make an Old West Style Hatband. 


Thanks.  I love the Stampede String. Can't wait to get it on my hat!

Jackie H. of Codette, Sask., August 13, 2018.  


Hi Donna; My Mom had the shoo-flies waiting for her when she got home from a trip.  She sent me some photos and says that they are beautiful!!  Thank you so much!  The zipper pulls are beautiful as well.....thank you very much for your kindess.  I will be sure to recommend you to any of my clients looking for the same.  Take care and until next time!!

Dr. Becky G. DVM of Parkland County, AB, July 21, 2018.  Becky send me hair from Freddy, Ruby and Lady to make two Shoo-flies.  I included two Zipper Pulls.


Good Morning,  I received the horsehair products and they look wonderful!!!  Thank you so much for the beautiful Zipper Pull.

Tami B. of Big Valley, AB. Feb. 7, 2018.  Tami sent me hair from Boone and Jigger to make Shoo-flies and Zipper Pulls. 


Hi Donna; I received the hatbands!  I am in awe of them - they are absolutely beautiful!  They are even more amazing than I could have imagined!  I can't wait to give them to my friends!  Thank you so much!  They are spectacular!  And Thank You for the extra Zipper Pulls as well!  Thank you!  Your work is extraordinary!

Amanda P. of Calgary, AB. Feb. 6, 2018.  Amanda sent me hair from her boyfriend's three horses and hair from her friend's nine horses to make them each a braided hatband.


Evening Donna, I have received the package.  Thank you - it all looks great and Amber is very happy.  She thought that it was a great gift and my husband liked his Zipper Pull.  I will give my Mom her stuff this weekend and Dusty I will see in March for her Grad.  

Thank you, Deana Martin of Ste Rose du Lac, MB.  Jan 26, 2018.  Deana sent me hair from their horses - Jim, Tip, Ginger, Ziggy, PJ and Molly to make a variety of items for Family.


The tassels have arrived, Donna and look perfect!  Many thanks again.

Sara & Andrew Jamieson of Geraldine, New Zealand. Oct.10, 2017.  Sara sent me hair from their horse, Harley, to make she and her husband each a memorial tassel that can be clipped onto their saddles. 


Hi Donna; I received the Hatband and it looks absolutely beautiful.  I'm sure he's going to love it.  Thank you for the tassel as well.  Thanks again.

Jennifer Y. of Wadddell, AZ, Oct 6, 2017.  Jennifer sent me hair from her Mom's boyfriend's two horses to make a braided horsehair Hatband.  I also included a matching Keychain.  Jennifer is a repeat customer.


My items arrived today!  I absolutely love all of them.  Thank you so much - this means so much to me to have items from each of them to treasure for ever.  Love what you did with the necklace too.  The frame turned out awesome too.  It really is all perfect.  I will definitely use you again - you do awesome work!

Debbie B. of Cannon Falls, MN, Oct. 6, 2017.  Debbie sent me hair from their horses - Bill and Jake - to make a variety of memorial items.  Debbie is a repeat customer.


Hi Donna; My parcel arrived today - love, love, love it.  You did a great job!  Wearing one of my bracelets now.  What great keepsakes and memories!! Again thank u for giving me my Sweet Pea back!!

Paula Mohagen-Derby, Estevan, Sask. Sept. 26, 2017.  Paula sent me hair from her mare, Sweet Pea, to make a variety of memorial pieces.  


Donna;  Thank you very much for the outstanding Watch Fob!  Your craftsmanship is beyond my expectation.  I look forward to using it daily!

John H. of Farmington, NM, August 14, 2017.  John ordered a Braided Horsehair Watch Fob to attach to his Grandfather's pocket watch.


Hi; I LOVE THEM.  OMGoodness.  You did an incredible job and I am so pleased.  I can't thank you enough.  You are amazingly talented and what a keepsake of my one-in-a lifetime horse.

Cindy Hoddinott of Sherwood Park, AB.  August 10, 2017. Cindy sent me the hair from her beloved Wylee to make some memorial pieces - Hitched Bracelet and English Bridle Leather Reins with Hitched Horsehair inserts and Tassels. 


Hi Donna; Got my Shoo-fly in the mail this morning and I LOVE it!!  Can't wait to put it on my saddle.  

Wendy Smith of Fort Vermillion, AB.  June 22, 2017. Wendy ordered a Shoo-fly with hitched cover knot in the colors of mixed grey and turquoise diamond pattern to match her cinch.  


Donna; Recieved the items this week and we are very pleased with your creations.  Thank you very much.  Did not know there was so much of Zeus's hair left over, but I know where to send it if I want something in the future.

Mike & Judi Connolly of Maugerville, NB.  June 21, 2017.  The Connolly's sent me hair from their three horses - Zeus, Mischief and Precieuse to make them a Single tassel Hatband, 3 Bracelets, Keychain and Zipper Pulls. 


Hey Donna,  My Dad loved the Hatband and Keychain!  Thank you so much.

Conner J. of Calgary, AB.  June 21, 2017.  Conner sent me hair from his Dad's horse, Sonny, to make some memorial pieces as a surprise Father's Day gift.  


Donna; The bolo tie arrived today.  It is very lovely, better than I imagined, and I think it does justice to Colter.

Thank you, John F. of Soda Springs, ID.  June 19, 2017.  John sent me hair from his Kiger Mustang, Colter, to make him a memorial piece  - bolo tie.  


They were a big hit.....she loved it and there were a few tears shed too.........thanks so much.  I'm so happy I found you.

Dori W. of Kaleben, B.C.  April 27, 2017.  Dori sent me hair from her granddaughter, Cedar's horse, Susy to make Cedar a braiced Bracelet and matching Zipper Pull. 


Hi Donna; You are absolutely amazing!!!  I just received the package and they are beautiful!!!  My 25th Wedding Anniversary is Tuesday and my husband is going to be shocked.  I looovvveee my Bracelet and the Hatbands are outstanding.  Also, thank you so very much for the Zipper Pull - we will attach it to something special.  It is so special that you created beautiful, amazing keepsakes that we will hold dear to our hearts forever.  Thank you so very much.  My daughter is at work and hasn't seen hers yet.  She will be extremely overjoyed.  BIG THANK YOU.

Jennifer Y. of Waddell, AZ.  April 7, 2017.  Jennifer sent me hair from their three horses - JJ, Wendi and Minnie, to make several pieces for herself, her husband and daughter.


Donna; The hatband is WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you so much!  It's more than what I had hoped!  God bless you!

Cassie R. of Pittsburg, TX.  April 4, 2017.  Cassie sent me hair from her palomino, Poco, to make a braided Hatband.  


Hi Donna; The Hatband looks wonderful!  And I love the Zipper Pull!  Thank you so much!

Erica M. of Middleburg, PA.  April 4, 2017.  Erica sent me hair from  her mare, Greta to make memorial pieces.


Donna; It Arrived!!!!!  Thank you SO Much!!!!  I Love it!!!

Lisa M. of Airdire, AB  March 24, 2017.  Lisa sent me hair from her horse, Cody to make a matching Keyring and Zipper Pull set. 


Donna; Thanks for the beautiful Keychains and the extra Zipper Pull, and cleaned up hair.  Everything is perfect and very lovely.  Thanks again!

Carol F. of Takoma Park, MD.  March 16, 2017.  Carol sent me mane hair from her Shagya Arabian mare, Bakari.


Donna; I have received my items.  Everything looks great.  Absolutely love them.  Thank you for the extra Zipper Pull - what a nice surprise!  I did go ahead and give my husband his stuff.  I  just couldn't wait until his birthday.  It's all good - he loved his items too.  Thank you again for creating somthing for us to have such wonderful memories of our special boy!

Debbie B. of Cannon Fall, MN  March 16, 2017.  Debbie sent me hair from her husband's horse, Bill to make some memorial pieces - Stampede strings, Hatband and Bracelet. 


Hi Donna; I LOVE it!  It is so beautiful and the quality is absolutely superb.  Thank you so much for creating such an amazing keepsake for me!

Marie Everts of Pincher Creek, AB.  March 5, 2017.  Marie's Mom, Bev, brought me hair from her horse, Spindrift to make a memorial Braided Cuff Style Bracelet.


Hi Donna; I got the package today.  They are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much!

Bev Stuber of Medicine Hat, AB  March 3, 2017.  Bev sent me hair from her husband's horse, Al to make memorial pieces - Hatand and Hitched Key Fob.


Hello Donna; Got your Hatband.  It is truly amazing, your work.  Great job and thanks for the matching Zipper Pull.  Thank you very much!

Gary E. of Churchville, VA  Feb. 20, 2017.  A repeat order for Gary.  He has beautiful custom hats made, then adds one of my hatbands.  For this hat, he choose a round, hitched band with no tassels. 


Donna, Wow, I love it!  It's better than I expected.  I like the long tassels and may not even trim them.  Always a pleasure to deal with you and look forward to another project.  Thanks, again.

Mike Mitchell of Fayetteville, AK  Feb. 9, 2017  I made Mike a Stampede String that he is going to attach to his hat in a unique way.


Donna, Thank you so much again for the beautiful work you do!

Cheers, Cassie R. of Buck Lake, AB January 31, 2017.  Cassie sent me hair from her friend's horse, Kit to make some memorial pieces. 


Hi Donna; I got the hatbands and they are awesome!!  Thanks so much for all of your help and patience.  

Michael R. of Plymouth, IN   January 23, 2017 - Michael is in the U.S. Military and is stationed in Spain.  


Hi Donna; I just wanted to let you know that I've received the belt and absolutely love it!  I took it to my belt/buckle guy here in Houston and he was absolutely amazed with the quality.  He continued to explain to me how it is extremely rare to find someone in the US with such amazing technique.  I gave him one of the cards you mailed me, so you might be hearing from him for some more business!  Thank you again for the amazing gift.

Carson M. of Houston, TX.  Dec. 29, 2017.  Carson ordered a hitched horsehair belt for as a gift for a very fortunate recipient.  


Hi Donna; Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year. The tie came in time for me to wear it on Christmas and it is beautiful.

Fredrick(Fritz) B. of Reading, PA.  Dec. 27, 2016.  Frederick ordered a braided horsehair Bolo Tie with sliding knot. 


Hi Donna; We've been away and my husband picked up the package this week.  I just saw it and it's beautiful!  I definitely want to get one now!  Thanks again.

Krista W. of Winfield, AB.  Dec. 18, 2016.  Krista sent me hair from her Mom-in-law's horse, Sierra to make her a hitched horsehair bracelet as a Christmas surprise.


Hi Donna; Dan's belt came and it's absolutely beautiful!  We love it and thank you so very much for your time and hard work that went into making it.  Can't wait until he opens it on Christmas. 

Amy Taylor of Gainsborough, Sask.  Dec. 10, 2016.

Oh Donna; It's so gorgeous......we are peeing our pants.........can't wait to see his face........I know he is going to get emotional.  Thank you so very much and thank you for the keychains - love them!  You are a very talented lady.......Merry Christmas.

Sharon Taylor of Gainsborough, Sask.  Dec. 13, 2016.  Danny's family harvested hair from five family horses to have me make a braided horsehair belt for their husband/father as a Christmas surprise. 


Donna; Words can't express how beautiful your work is.  Wow!  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to wrap up Clay's hatband and Zipper pull for him to open.

Aleisha H. of Nanton, AB.  Dec. 10, 2016.  Aleisha brought me hair from her Father-in-law's horse, Colonel to make a hitched horsehair Hatband and Zipper Pull.  Aleisha also brought me hair from her horses, PeeWee and Kelsey to make her a Old West style braided horsehair Hatband, Keychain and Zipper Pull. 


Donna; The items arrived.  THEY ARE FANTASTIC.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Susan P. of Wilaux, Montana  Dec. 8, 2016.  Susan sent me hair from her granddaughter's horse, Sunny, to make Kate some keepsake pieces.  


Hi Donna; Everything arrived!  Love it!!!  Thank you for the bonus gift!  Had I known you had leftover hair, I may have ordered more of those tassels.  Thank you again!

Darcy C. of Crooked River Ranch, OR.  Dec. 5, 2016.  Darcy sent me hair from Slick - her husband, Ted's horse - to have some memorial pieces made. 


Hi Donna; The package arrived yesterday and everything is beautiful!!  

Thanks again, Kailyn B. of Saskatoon, Sask.  Dec. 2, 2016.  Kailyn sent me sorrel hair from her boyfriend's horse, George(Zip By Otoe) to make several memorial pieces.


Hello Donna; I received them(braided bracelets and single-tassel hatband) and everything looks awesome!  

Thanks so much, Kari R. of Wildwood, AB  Oct. 31, 2016  Kari sent me black hair from her Canadian gelding, Midas to make some memorial items. 


Hi Donna; Thanks for the beautiful bridles.  I can hardly wait for Christmas now.  They are just GORGEOUS!  Couldn't wait to get home and open the box - had to stop at Lori's and open it.

Rita Cox of Big Valley, AB.  Oct. 26, 2016.  Rita sent me hair from nine horses to use for hitching on the browbands and cheekpieces of three headstalls.  The beautiful leather headstalls were made by Lori Gordon of Lori's Leather & Repair in Big Valley, AB. 


Donna; They are perfect!  Such beautiful keepsakes!  I will be recommending you to everyone I know!

Kris L. of Allen, TX.  Oct. 12, 2016  Kris sent me hair from her Missouri Foxtrotter "Pony" to have several items made. 


Dear Donna; I can't thank you enough for the beautiful hatband you created out of Brook's hair.  It is just perfect!  I will cherish it always.  This is something I will pass onto my grandaughter.  She knew and loved Brook as well.  Also thank you for your gift of the zipper pull.  This I will give to my brother-in-law.  He had asked for a lock of Brook's hair - he will be so pleased with this instead.  He and my sister paid for the hatband to be made for me.  Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will refer my horsy friends to you with great pleasure.

Andrea R. of Hortonville, WI.  Oct. 5, 2016.  Andrea sent me hair from her Freisen mare, Brook to have items made. 


Good Morning, Donna; I received your package last night and all pieces are beautiful.  Thank you for the detailed explanation of the process and the inlay instructions for the leather expert.  Your patience and significant time spent assisting me in accomplishing my personal project is greatly appreciated.  I look forward to offering you pictures when it is complete.

Best Regards, Robert F. of Silverdale, WA.  Sept. 22, 2016.  Robert ordered three custom hitched horsehair pieces to be inlaided into a custom made leather belt.  


Hi Donna; I received the hatband and it is beautiful.  Thank you very much.

Best wishes, Robin M. of Vancouver, BC.  Sept. 22, 2016.  Robin ordered a braided horsehair hatband with single tassel and sliding knot.


Hello Donna; Got the hatbands today. They are fantastic.  Pleasure dealing with you. 

Gary E. of Churchville, VA.  August 12, 2016.  Gary ordered two braided horsehair hatbands - no tassels.  Each has two sliding knots for adjustment.


Hello Donna; This is Carol, Keith's wife. We recieved the hatband today in the mail.  It is sooooooooooo nice!  You did a beautiful job.  Keith was very impressed.  Thank you.

Carol R. of Weatherford, TX.  July 11, 2015.  Keith ordered a braided horsehair hatband for his wife.


I went and picked up the package and I'm so happy with how the pieces turned out.  Your work is beautiful!

Annette O. of Sexsmith, AB.  July 10, 2016.  Annette sent me hair from her horse, Luke to make two braided Bracelets, a leather/horsehair cuff Bracelet and Zipper Pulls. 


Hi Donna; I picked up the parcel today and everything looks beautiful!

Dustin V. of Red Deer, AB.  July 4, 2016.  Dustin sent me hair from his horses, Money and Majorette.  I made a braided Hatband and matching Stampede String, hitched Keyfob and Zipper Pulls and a carved Spirit Horse Stick.  


I received my lovely tassels today and I am so pleased!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lynne R. of Norlina, NC.  July 2, 2016.  Lynne sent me hair from her Tennessee Walker mare, Daisy.  I made two memorial tassels for her.


Hi Donna; I just got my bracelet in the mail.  I love it and it's even more than what I was expecting.  Thank you:).

Cassidy R. of Rosebud, AB.  June 28, 2016.  Cassidy sent me hair from her horses, Sox and Spice to make a braided Bracelet. 


Good Morning, Donna.  The bracelet was in the mail yesterday!  I am blown away.........It is beautiful!  Thank you so much for the time and attention you put into it.  I know Halaina is going to absolutely love it.  And thank you so much for the Zipper Pull as well.  Your work is incredible and so is your ability to warm people's hearts:).  I will high recommend you to everyone I know. 

Thanks again, Chrissy S. of Grovedale, AB.  June 23, 2016.  Chrissy send me hair from her niece's horse, Gal and I made a braided horsehair Bracelet and included a Zipper Pull. 


Hello Donna; Thank you for the bracelets and horsehair tassels.  Love them!  The ivories turned out beautiful with it.  Thank you again!

Christy H. of Rocky Mtn. House, AB.  June 21, 2016.  Christy sent me hair from her horse, Rider and I made her two braided Bracelet, pair of Bridle Tassels and a Zipper Pull.  Christy also sent me two ivories from an elk that she had shot.  Kerry Hart of Anchor K Creations embellished one of the braided bracelets by wire wrapping the ivories onto one of the braided bracelets.


Hi Donna; I picked up my order on Thursday and I love it all.  Thank you so much.  The browband will be stunning on my palomino.  Thanks again!

Shannon L. of Swift Current, Sask.  June 12, 2016.  Using hair from her horse, Rowel, I made a Hitched Horsehair Browband, three braided Bracelets and a Zipper Pull.


Good Evening; Received the Key Fobs today.  Thank you for the Zipper Pull, that was very nice.  You do great work.  Not sure I can wait to give it to my son.  Thank you!

Robin Merrill of Poolville, TX.  June 6, 2106.  Robin sent me hair from her son's horse - Jazzy Little Lena - an 8-time AQHA World Champion.  She also sent hair from another of their horse's Freckles Flyer.


Hi Donna; Got your package today!  Shannon is home and she was quite pleased with everything.  I think the cross may end up on her wall rather than her saddle, but I'm so glad you also included the Zipper Pull as she's going to put that on her saddle.  She wants to put the cross next to a picture of Ginger she has on her wall.  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

Terry J. of Inglis, Manitoba.  June 8, 2016.  Terry sent me hair from her daughter Shannon's horse, Ginger.  I made two tassels - one as a Zipper Pull and one that was attached to a leather cross.  The beautiful cross was made by Ralph Thornton of Sedalia, AB.  Ralph personalized the cross with Ginger's name and embellished it with metal studs.


Donna; Thanks so much.  Hatband and Zipper Pull wonderful!  Ray loved it!

Bett and Anna M. of Canton, Georgia.  June 7, 2016.  Anna sent me hair from her Dad's horse, Cajun.  Ray had owned Cajun for 22 years and Cajun was 34 years of age at the time of his passing.  The memorial pieces were a birthday gift surprise for Ray.


Donna; I received the hatband and tassel, thank you!!!!!  They are beautiful.

Ivalee C. of Indianapolis, IN.  May 29, 2016.  Ivalee sent me hair from her horse, Brandy and I made a braided Hatband with two tassels and sliding knot, along with a matching Zipper Pull.


Donna; I could not be happier with the hatband.  I can honestly confess I've been a little teary eyed since the mail arrived.  Than you so much.  I'll have a little of Pezzy with me forever.

Jeff H. of North Highlands, CA.  May 12, 2016.  Jeff sent me hair from his horse, Pezzy and I made a 3/4" braided Hatband with one tassel and sliding knot.  I added a matching Zipper Pull. 


Donna;  Got them.  Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are so wonderful.  I appreciate it very much!

Lynn L. of Pincher Creek, AB.  May 6, 2016.  Lynn sent me hair from 3 horses - Zip, Casey and Trigger.  Using a combo of their hair, I made Keychains and matching Zipper Pulls for her two sons. 


Hi Donna;  I love the bracelets!  It is so wonderful to have my horses with me!  Thank you for making them!

Cathie C. of Calgary, AB.  May 2, 2016.  I made Cathie four braided Bracelets using hair from her horses - Rooster, Lori, Flame, Bill, Candy, Sunny, Sue, Millie and BJ.


I received the package from you and finally had a chance to open it tonight! Everything is beautiful - Thank you so much!!  Thanks also for the extra gifts for the boys and for cleaning the rest of his hair.  I'm sure we will be in touch in the future!

Lorelee G. of Cochrance, AB.  April 28, 2016.  Lorelee sent me hair from her horse, Smoky Dawn and I made her a braided horsehair bracelet and necklace with horseshoe nail/bead pendant. I also included zipper pulls for her boys as keepsakes from their friend, Smoky.


I received the Hatband and Zipper Pull today.  I absolutely love it and I thank you so very much.  It's beautiful!  Thank you for the Zipper Pull you added.  I love it too.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Jennifer W. of Wales, Michigan.  April 25, 2016.  Jennifer sent me hair from her horse, Dudley and I made her a braided horsehair Hatband with leather billets and 3-piece buckle set, along with a matching Zipper Pull. 


Thanks, Donna!  Everyone likes their bracelets - and the key fob - very nice!  

Karen N. of Didsbury, AB.  April 24, 2016.  Karen sent me hair from her daughter's Thoroughbred horse, Bear's Way.  I made Paige a braided horsehair bracelet with sterling silver clasp and matching zipper pull. 


Donna; The pulls arrived by mail today.  They look great.  I thank you very, very much for your prompt accomplishment.  I have decided that they will be Mother's Day gifts, so I am glad they are here.

Steve K. of De Soto, Wisconsin.  April 22, 2016.  The March/April FARM SHOW paper did an excellent article on my horsehair work, which Steve read.  He then called me to place an order for some horsehair Zipper Pulls. 


Thanks so very, very much, Donna, for the beautiful frame and braided trim.  I am so happy with the finished product.  The kids are going to be so surprised and will treasure this beautiful art and the memories it will provide.  I also thank you for the zipper pull.  You have been so gracious to me and I'm so happy you are a part of our forever memory.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  My heart overflows!

Wanda S. of Semans, SK.  April 18, 2016.  Wanda sent me hair from her grandchildren's pony, Shorty.  I braided the hair and inlaided it into a barnwood frame.  


Thanks, Donna.  They look Great!  And just in time for Tara's birthday.

Ernie I. of Didsbury, AB.  April 18, 2016.  Ernie sent me hair from his daughter, Tara's horse, Imp.  I made a braided hatband, bracelet and zipper pull for a birthday surprise. 


Oh, Donna,  I just opened the package and I am in tears!  This is so beautiful.  Just gorgeous.  Thank you so very, very much.  He lived such a good life with me and he is in my heart forever and ever.

Dana F. of Espanola, N.M.  April 16, 2016.  Dana sent me hair from her beloved horse, Poco Apache Bars Two and I made her a hatband and matching zipper pull. 


Thank you so much, Donna!  The bracelet arrived this morning...beautiful work.  Thank you also for the tassel.  It may just go on Erin's saddle as a keepsake of Kollien.  I will definitely be recommending your work to other.  Thank you for your timely communication and quality work to help us always remember Kollien.

Raime D. of Clyde, AB.  March 31, 2016.  Kaime had bracelets made using hair from her daughter's horse, Kollien.


Donna, Thank you so much for the beautiful job that you did in celebrating the life of my husband's best friend, "Vegas".  What you do is truly a blessing to all the great horses and owners that loved them!

God Bless, Cassie R. of Buck Lake, AB.  March 31, 2016. Cassie received a Shoo-fly, Bracelet and Zipper Pull made using hair from Vegas.


Hey Donna, The package arrived and I just love the strings!!  And the way you ship your products is super nice, shows so much appreciation!  OK, I definitely have to get that hair of my horses and get some tassels and shooflies done!!

Nicole G. of Bridge Lake, B.C.  March 31, 2016.  Nicole ordered two stampede strings.


Hi Donna; I received the bridle tassels today and they are so beautiful!!!  Thank you so much!!

Cassandra B. of Calgary, AB.  March 15, 2016.  Cassandra ordered a pair of bridle tassels made using hair from her horse, Bahar. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi Donna; I returned from New Zealand last night and found the wonderful bracelet among the mail.  Thank you for that and the zipper pull.  It will be a treasured gift for my friend Laurie, the photographer who works with me on the biographies.  In facet, she phtotgraphed the Leatherdale books with your bookmarks.  

Best wishes, Karin W. of Saint Paul, MN.  March 4, 2015.  Karin ordered a hitched horsehair bracelet for her friend.  The bracelet was made using hair from Karin's horse, Wheatie.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Donna...OH MY GOSH!!! The hatband is ABSOLUTELY perfect!!! My son's polo colors are black and turquoise. This is incredible.

Thank you SO much! Bonnie B. of Aiken, SC. Jan. 14, 2016. Bonnie sent me hair from her son's polo horse, P-Diddy and ordered a hatband for a birthday gift.  

Hi Donna; Just want you to know how Happy Demi is with her new saddle pad.  What a difference!  

Thanks, Elaine G. of Lethbridge, AB   Jan. 13, 2016  Elaine purchased a hand-latched wool saddle blanket to resolve her saddle fitting problem. 

Hi Donna; We received the parcel and the bracelet is lovely!  Thank you very much for the beautiful keychain as well - very kind of you.  My husband(who is quite artistic)said to tell you that he too is very impressed with your work.  Appreciate that you got it done for Bree's birthday - she will love it!

Sarah F. of Big Lake, B.C.  2015/12/14.  Sarah ordered a braided horsehair bracelet for her daughter.  The hair was provided by 4 of their horses - Ryan, Guy, Phippen and Marbles. 

Hi Donna; I just got them.  They are PERFECT!!!  Exactly what I wanted.  Thank you, thank you SO much!!!  I am very happy:*)))!!! And thank you for the beautiful horsehair zipper pull, it is very exquiste and thoughtful of you.

Samantha M. of San Jose, CA  2015/12.09  Samantha ordered braided horsehair

Donna; Got it yesterday.  It's beautiful! Definitely exceeded expectations.  It's now on an old brown Akrua, where it looks outstanding.

Thanks, Catherine H. of Annapolis, MD. 2015/12/6.  Catherine ordered a single-tassel braided horsehair hatband. 

Hi Donna; I picked up the hatband from the post office this afternoon.  All I can say is Wow!  It is awesome.  Thank you so much,

Shelly W. of Australia.  2015/12/03.  While visiting family in Georgia, USA, Shelly ordered and received a braided horsehair hatband.

Hi Donna; Just received the blankets in the mail.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you so much.

Shelley & Shane B. of Carnduff, Sask.  2015/11/26.  Shelley & Shane ordered three hand-latched wool saddle blankets for their grandchildren for Christmas.  Each blanket is personalized with the family ranch brands. 

They arrived this afternoon & we love them.  The details are perfect and mean so very much to us.  My husband has already found pictures of each horse that he wants hung with the Sticks.  He is very touched by them & they will always help us remember them with an extra special meaning.  I did not tell you, my husband is part MT Chipewa.  This was a big surprise for him.  Think this may now be a tradition for us.  We have no children, so our horses are our family.

Bonnie M. of Cave Creek, AZ.  2015/11/12.  Bonnie ordered two Spirit Horse Sticks to memoralize their horses, Iceman and Spud.  Please viist the Custom Gallery to view a photo of the Sticks.

I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much!  I will keep the extra hair put up & maybe next year send for a necklace....I will also showcase them at my Feb. horse club meeting & possibly drum up more business for you!  I am so happy with the colours and design.  Thank you again.

Melinda W. of Okmulgee, OK.  2015/11/30.  Melinda sent me hair from her three horses - Peachess, Pricilla & Jack Sparrow.  She ordered and Single-tassel hatband with matching Linked-style Stampede String, Keychain & Zipper Pull.

WooHoo!!  The keychains arrived today. They are beautiful, as usual.  That was really neat that you were able to use the other horse's hair on the other keychain.  I can't wait to give my brother Boo's keychain.  Have a great weekend, Kris

Kris J. of Buckeye, AZ  2015/11/30.  Kris ordered keychains using hair from her brother and sister's horses and is a repeat customer. 

Hi Donna; Thanks so much.  They are beautiful and I am so pleased with them.  Thanks again, Noeline.

Noeline E. of Sundre, AB.  2015/11/17.  Noeline ordere two hitched horsehair pieces inlaided in leather to be attached to a barnwood frame.  The black hair used in the hitching is from her husband's horse, Gyles. 

Dear Donna; The bracelets have arrived.  They are beyond perfect.  Your design choices are wonderful.  The zipper pull goes right on my vest.  They are priceless! Thank you very, very much.  I am so grateful.

Bonnie W. of Mercer Island, WA.  A repeat order of braided horsehair bracelets made using hair from Bonnie's horses, Stretch, Dezi and Sport. 

Hi Donna; Just wanted to let you know that I received the BEAUTIFUL horsehair tassel yesterday.  Thank you so much.  Great job!  Blessings from Wyoming,

Marchel K. of Buffalo, WY.  2015/11/10  Marchel ordered a Top Button Tassel with horsehead concho. 

Hi Donna; Thank you for the lovely "tush cushes". They look great in my vehicle.

Deb K. of Red Deer, AB. 2015/10/13. Deb ordered two hand-latched wool tush cushes made using colors to compliment the interior of her Honda Odyssey.

Hi Donna; The blanket arrived yesterday and is beautiful.  Can't wait to try it this weekend.

Kathryn B. of Gardners, PA.  2015/10/08.  Kathryn ordered a white hand-latched wool saddle blanket to use for endurance riding. 

Hi Donna; You did a beautiful job on the belts and I am thrilled to be able to wear them again.  Thank you.

Dan C. of Cincinnati, Ohio 2015/08/27.  Dan had lost weight and needed to have his hitched horsehair belts made smaller to be able to wear them.  I resized both belts for him. 

Hi Donna; I got my saddle blanket in the mail today.  It looks great!  Nice and tight, very well done.  The leather wear pads will really help it to stand up longer than ones I have had in the past.  Thanks again.

Chris & Paula McL. of Grimshaw, AB.  2015/09/01. Ordered a 36" x 36" hand-latched wool saddle blanket.

Donna, Received our package of Brookie's hair gifts.  They are beautiful and thank you for the extra pulls!  I love the beads and they are the perfect colors.  Once again you have made something sad turn into a beautiful rememberance of a wonderful animal, companion and gifted horse and family member.  We have one horse left.  Hopefully he has a long life ahead of him and you have a longer career as, sadly, I know I will need you again.  Your gift is valuable and much appreciated!

Denise A. of Waddell, AZ.  2015/08/17.  I made Denise two pair of Keychains with matching Zipper Pulls using hair from her QH mare, Brookie.

Donna; Got It!! LOVE the look!!

Buffy O. of Okotoks, AB. 2015/07/26.  Buffy ordered a hand-latched wool saddle blanket for her husband, Scott.  The blanket was personalized with Scott's brand - V over Lazy U.

Hi Donna; I received my order and they are beautiful and perfect!  Thank you so much and thank you for the keychain.  That was so thoughtful.  Thank you again.  You do amazing work and I will recommend you to everyone I know!!

Kristy J. of Big Art, Montana 2015/07/29.  Kristy ordered two hatbands made using hair from her brother's horse, Woody.

Hi Donna; Thank you so much for the hatbands!  They are even nicer than I imagined they would be.  I will be sure to show them off and tell people where I got them.

All the best, Maria D. of Blairmore, AB.  2015/07/29  Maria ordered 3 single tassel hatbands - each a different color combo.

Donna; Got these lovely shoo-flies today and I am so happy.  I love the length and they feel luxurious. My Cremello Morgan looks dreamy in the white/turquoise shoo-fly and my dark bay BLM mare looks stunning in the brown/red shoo-fly.  Thanks so much.  I'm going to show them to my friends. 

Claire O. of Buffalo, WY.  2015/07/23

Donna, I received the package today.  I sat on the floor with one of my cats and opened it.  And cried!  It is absolutely beautiful and everything I hoped for.  I'm glad you suggested using some colored hair and glad I chose turquoise.  It is really Gandalf's color.  I'll send you a photograph very soon.  And I'll have tassels made from teh hair that's left.  I so appreciate your thoughtful gift of the 5 horse keychain - another way to have all the guys with me.  Your work is exquisite!  I haven't a clue how hitching is done, but I know for sure that tack hitched from  a personal horse is the best rememberance possible.  I'll post pictures on my Facebook timeline for all my horse loving friends to see. 

My heartfelt thanks, Trish Hug of Santa Fe, NM.  2015/07/23.  Tish send me hair from 5 of her horses to hitch with onto a leather browband.  The browband is now worn by her horse, Gandalf.

The package arrived today - thank you, thank you, thank you!!  You do amazing work and I will be recommending you to all of my horse friends and getting some stuff done for myself in the future!  Again - thanks so much and I really appreciate the gift of the keychain.

Beth K. of High Level, AB.  2015/06/22.  Beth sent me hair from 3 horses to make a hatband as a gift for a friend.

Hi Donna; Thank you so much.  I love them.  I like the little thicker ones - very nice. 

Lisa McN. of the High Desert Hunt Club, Huntington Beach, CA.  2015/06/22.  Second order of braided horsehair whistle straps.

OMG!!  Donna, I just got your parcel.  I can't find enough words to describe how beautiful they are!!  They are extra special because you made them as well!  Made me cry! Was going to give them to her for Christmas, but don't know that I will be able to wait that long.  You are truly talented and we will cherish these pieces forever in memory of Keeley!  THANK YOU!

Cindy K. of Gainsborough, Sask.  2015/06/18  Cindy sent me hair from her granddaughter, McKenzie's horse, Keeley to make some memorial items.  She did not wait until Christmas - Kenzie loved the necklace and tassels.

Hi Donna; I got them in the mail today.  They are awesome!! I will definitely have some more hair for ya in the future.  Thanks again.

Megan T. of Carnduff, Sask.  2015/06/07  Megan sent me the tail hair from her cow, Mary Jo.  I made her a matching zipper pull and keychain.

Hey Donna; I received my order yesterday and am thrilled with your work!!  Seriously and honestly thrilled - your work blows me away.  And thank you so much for the extra keychain.  Thank you again for your work!

Barb Leeson of Simcoe, Ontario 2015/06/11.  Barb had a stampede string, zipper pulls and keychain made using hair from her horse, Cat Ballou.

Dear Donna; Enclosed is my check for the horsehair bracelet and tassels.  The bracelet is absolutely outstanding!  I wore it all day yesterday and it proved comfortable and striking.  Worth waiting for!!  Very best regards.

Ellen H. of Washoe Valley, NV  2015/05/28.  Ellen had a hitched horsehair bracelet made using white hair from her horse, Beedle.

Donna; You are awesome!  The whistle straps are beautiful!!!!!

Lisa McN. of High Desert Hunt Club, Huntington Beach, CA  2015/05/21

Donna; Everything looks GREAT and thank you very much for the zipper pull, while it was not necessary - I understand that custom orders can take time:).  I can assure you that my Aunt will love it!  Thank you for the wonderful job you did on all the pieces!  The hatband looks great and I appreciate your willingness to make it even thou the style is slightly different than those you normally make/sell.  I am very excited to see my Aunt's reaction when I give her the items......I am sure it will be one of those "priceless" moments!!!  Thank you again for everything and if I am every in need of more horsehair items you will definately be the first person I contact.

Take care and happy trails, Kris J. of Lamberton, MN  2015/04/16.  Kris had items made for her Aunt using hair from her Aunt's horse, Angel.

Hi Donna; Just wanted to let you know that everyone that I have ridden with since receiving the blanket from you has asked who made it and how to get in contact with you.  Your product has been enjoyed by many in central Texas and I appreciate your craftsmanship.

Derek R. of Lampasas, TX  2015/04/17

Hi Donna; I received my blanket and it is lovely!  I can't wait to start using it - hopefully today.  The only thing I wish I had thought about more was getting the size of the lettering a bit smaller as my saddle covers most of it.  I will put a cheque in the mail today and definitely will pass your card along.  Thanks again!!!

Tammy M. of DeWinton, AB, 2015/04/03

Hello Donna;  I have my blanket! I am very happy with the look, pattern, feel and weave.  Some blankets I have seen look like they are looser, giving them a flimsy feel, so I am very happy with the tight, firm consistent feel of this blanket.  Also, I just believe that natural wool is the best for any horse.  Thank you for making me the blanket!

Sharon S. of Sherwood Park, AB 2015/03/24

Hi Donna; Well, the hatband came today and I am thrilled.  I will take a picture and send it to you.  Thanks a million.

Greg B. of Santa Clarita, CA  2015/05/03 - Greg ordered a hitched hatband to go onto his custom hat. 

Hello Donna!  I got the pad and rode it today.  I am thoroughly happy with it and will get you a check in the mail this week. Thank you so much and I will be spreading the word to my horse friends about your beautiful and very well made pads.

Derek R. of Lampasas, TX  2015/02/07

Hi Donna; I absolutely love the blanket!! It is perfect, so much better than my best expectations!  I cannot wait to get it into use.  I just know that Misty will reap the many benefits of its properties.  Thank you for this beautiful and perfect addition to our gear. 

Emilee M. of Nelson, B.C.  2015/02/03

Hi Donna;  Thanks for checking back and sorry for the delay in my reply, but I just returned from my trip up there(Alberta).  SHE LOVED EVERY PIECE!!  She said it was the most unique and coolest gift anyone has ever got her(she even posted a picture of all the items on her Facebook).  In fact she loved them so much that she is thinking of contacting you about a hatband for her hubby made his his horse's hair.  I had put one of your cards in with the gifts so if you hear from a "Leeann from Glendon" you will know she found you :)   Thank you so much for doing all you did and for the bonus zipper pull(that was a wonderful surprise).  I will (and have already) pass your name and my very positive comments on (both the quality of work and customer service) on to whoever will listen..............you have a lifelongfan.

Forever in your debt for making my sister smile!

Joy C. of Knoxville, TN  2015/01/03 - Joy collaborated with her brother-in-law in Alberta to harvest hair from Joy's sisters horse, Mason, to send to me to have items made for her as a Christmas surprise. 

Dearest Donna..... Well, it arrived today!!! I was praying it would, for we are leaving in the morning to get to my hubands parents' house!  You are AMAZING!!!!!  Everything is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I am so excited for Christmas Day!!!  It's that feeling that you KNOW you did the right thing and it is the perfect gift!!!  Usually my husband and I do not exchange gifts.  But this is priceless!!!  REALLY PRICELESS!!!  I think that I saw you are on Facebook, so I will Friend you and spread the word, AFTER my husband opens his gift!!!!!  I really appreciate you so much and all the beautiful work you have done for me.  When we are home and settled down, I will get a picture of one of my horses with the beautiful bridle on!!!  Thank you again, God Bless!!!

Tanya Dwyer of Montrose, CO  2014/12/23 - Had a variety of items made for herself and her husband using hair from her horse, Hustler.

Hi Donna;

Just picked up the band yesterday from the post office.  Wow, what you do is totally amazing!  Love it!  I've already told my friends who own "special" older horses about you so they can plan ahead.   Thanks so much for getting it done for Christmas and for the keychain - Dad will love it too.  Will definitely be in touch to have some other things made with the balance of Snip's hair.  Have yourself a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

Deb. McE. of Tyndale, MB  2014/12/28 - Had a hatband made for her Dad using hair from his horse, Snip.

Hi Donna; I got the parcel today.  The belt looks GREAT!  I thank you very much.  I will probably be in touch with you in the near future to have a belt made for my son.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Shirley S. of Bon Accord, AB 2014/12/04.  Shirley had a Belt, Keychains and a Zipper Pull made for her husband using hair from his team roping horse, Yeller.

Hi Donna; The envelope arrived today! The items are PERFECT! I know Karen is going to be very pleased and excited to have them. Thank you so much for getting the items ready for Christmas.  Take care and have a very Merry Christmas. 

Kris J. of Buckeye, AZ, 2014/12/01.  Kris ordered several items made for her sister Karen, using hair from Karen's horse, Sundance.

Hi Donna; I recieved the package and when I opened it, it brought tears to my eyes.  They are absolutely beautiful. I love the dog collar you just made.(Photo on Facebook page).  That may be my next purchase next year.  I will rob hair off of the pony lol.  Thank you so much for your awesome work.  It allows me to keep Tammy close all the time. 

Leanne H. of Estevan, Sask.  2014/10/19.  Leanne had a bracelet, keychains and zipper pull made using the hair of her mare, Tammy.

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much:) The hatband, bracelet, key chain and chin strap(stampede string) are absolutely stunning and mean so much to me.  Your attention to detail is amazing and I can even see the three white strands of hair out of the thousands of black ones that I sent you.  Those white hairs mean so much to me because they represent the many years Andre and I have aged together.

Your talent is off of the charts and I can't wait for all of my friends to see what you've created.  Because of you, I'll always be able to have the most incredible thing in my life wrapped around my wrist just like a hug.

Forever grateful, Cristin R. of Campbell, Ca  2014/10/19

Hi Donna; My Mom picked it (a braided bracelet) up on Monday and yes I g