Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. Here I am pleased to share with you the amazing artistry and craftsmanship that is possible in high-quality, handcrafted Braided and Hitched horsehair items.

In addition to offering a variety of stock items available for purchase, I particularly enjoy working with individuals creating Custom pieces - items made from the hair of your own horse/s. Some of my most beautiful, creative pieces have come from customer's suggestions and ideas, and are a wonderful way to create a keepsake of your horse/s.  Please visit the Custom Gallery page to view some of these beautiful items.

I am also pleased to offer Hand-latched Wool Products - Saddle Blankets, Wither Pads and Tush Cushes. Products that are great for horses and humans.

In the Lethbridge area, my work can be viewed and purchased at the "BEYOND ZED GIFT COTTAGE".

For location and hours, please contact Vaughn at 403-308-0077, Carrie at 403-327-3365 or Lorraine at 403-332-2597, or email info@beyond.zed.ca.

You can also visit their website www.beyondzed.ca or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/BeyondZed

Please contact me with any inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you!